Saturday, August 11, 2012

Polefessional Saturday's: Alethea Austin!

Aloha Polers, it's Saturday alright!

We LOVE Saturday's!  This week's Polefessional is the oohhhh so sexy Alethea Austin!!  

Alethea is an awesome Pole Dancer and Floorwork Extraordinaire!  She definitely brings the sexy into any performance she does with or without a pole!  I wasn't able to take her workshop at the LA International Pole Convention but am signed up for her Las Vegas Pole Expo workshops...both!!!!  I've heard nothing but GREAT things about her workshops and can't wait to take one!  She is such and awesome woman and under that Rock n' Roll shell she is a sweetie!!  Here is her bio straight from her website :

Alethea Austin was born and raised in Bloomington, Indiana. Her "Heartland" belly rocker tattoo conveys fond memories of childhood in the rural Midwest. At an early age Alethea found an outlet for her athletic and artistic talents in competitive gymnastics. Determined to pursue a life and career in the visual arts, she left Indiana to attend the Rhode Island School of Design where she focused on interior architecture and photography. She graduated from RISD in 2002 and soon established herself as a young "raw edged" photographer in both the art and print worlds. In 2004 her collaborative work "From Indiana, With Love" was featured in a New York City gallery and exhibited at Indianapolis Museum Of Contemporary Art. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles in the summer of 2005 Alethea was involved in a severe automobile accident that resulted in debilitating neck and shoulder injuries. The next two years of surgeries and physical therapy forced Alethea to put her photography work as a cover and feature photographer for music magazines on hold. Determined to reclaim her body and her creative life, she began pole dancing in 2008 at BeSpun Studio in Los Angeles as an alternative to traditional physical therapy. Her background in gymnastics, her love of dance and the supportive environment of pole dance enthusiasts at BeSpun Studio ensured both a remarkable recovery and a passion for the pole. Within the year Alethea entered her first pole dance competitions to become US Pole Dance Federation Runner Up 2009 and US Pole Dance Federation Miss Sexy 2009. By creating her own unique style of performance that marries fluid movement and raw sensual expression with strength, fierce moves and daring drops, Alethea quickly secured her place as one of the most influential Pole Idols. Today Alethea is recognized worldwide as one of the top Pole Dance instructors and elite competing performers. Her slow controlled flow, flexible lines, isolated body waves, and ability to emote through dance helped her claim the title of US Pole Dance Federation Champion in 2010 are now distinctive elements of her Sexy Flexy style. Alethea's coveted style combines strength and aesthetic imagery with fluid sexiness, as expressed through her choice of music. "I always pick songs that not only move me but that I know will get straight to the audience." She is an Rock'n Roll girl, from her Guns N Roses and Alice In Chains attitude to her "Push Past" tattooed knuckle rockers, Alethea is the true face of American Pole Dance. It is for this reason she was picked to be one of the feature pole dancers in the upcoming movie Rock Of Ages being released in Spring 2012. Her talents, however, are not limited to the Pole stage; she is 100% in charge of her brand, which for her is becoming another creative outlet and is now expanding to include apparel, Dvds and photography. Since her pole debut in 2009 Alethea has performed with some of the world's best pole dancers including Jenyne Butterfly, Felix Cane, and Jamilla Deville. She has traveled extensively teaching workshops and competing while honing her style and signature bad girl sexiness. She has taught in over 150 gyms throughout the world attracting students of every level with her emphasis on flexibility, Sexy Flexy, extension for pole, fluid body isolations, and sensuous dance form. Her background in photography helps her instruction and performance by enabling her to sequentially "freeze frame" the form and line of a dancer's movement. At every point of a performance, her photographer's eye looks for the "beautiful picture." In addition to traveling nationally and internationally teaching workshops, Alethea is also working on a series of Sexy Flexy fitness and Stretching DVDs. Although a highly regarded professional, Alethea is at heart a shy but friendly small-town girl who ultimately pole dances to connect with herself and with other women.

"The overwhelming support from the group of women who do pole is what makes it so special. I've never seen anything like it... pole has been my salvation, not only dancing for myself but teaching others. If you are thinking about trying it please do, you will start to release emotion though dance and music and find strength you never knew you had."
-xo Alethea

Isn't she a sweetie!!!  She is awesome!  She is unbelievably flexible and strong that by watching her performance makes you want to stretch for your splits!!  If you are working on your splits I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to get Alethea's PURE SPLITS DVD will get you there.  I have been doing it religiously for about 1 month and have already noticed improvements not only with my splits on the floor but in the air too!!  You wouldn't think but there are many ways to work on your splits other than sitting in it and Alethea will teach you in her Pure Splits DVD set:)!!  

We LOVE Alethea and hope you have had or get the chance to watch her perform because she is another one of those life changers!!  If you need motivation watch her and as Alethea would say, "Push Past!"

Have a happy Saturday!

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